Wednesday 16 February 2011

Hootsmon Headlines

For all you pedants, I know there is a fifty year gap between the Act of Union and Deacon Brodie; but it is the Hootsmon after all.


  1. Super new format. I nearly thought it was a copy of the first edition of the Hootsmon. Until I stuck the magnifying glass on of course.

    Artistic licence Conan. That's the excuse all writers use isn't it.

  2. Yer nuts but, supremely funny and inventive.

  3. Ha, ha, ha - excellent stuff again. You are clearly getting out from under the roof leaks!

  4. Thanks Rosa, It's my excuse and I shall stick to it.

    Bugger, the Hootsmon is like having a steering wheel in my groin-it's driving me nuts.

    Most of the work's done now Dram, only the bathroom left.

  5. That, Conan, has to be the best ever... and that's saying something.


  6. "A Scotch rabble is the very worst kind. For every one for there are 99 against."

    Now if the "Scotch" will just remember who they are, Scotland might get somewhere--like being a country in its own right instead of the tag end of Merry Old England.

    *ahem* Maybe I should leave now while I'm still able.

  7. Very nice dugs; and I don't say that to all the girls :)

  8. There is a fifty year gap between the Act of Union and Deacon Brodie. Get a grip!

    I suspect this Hootsmon is a fake - there is no "accused" in the head-line!

    John the Pedant IV

  9. Hmmmph! Lazy (appropriate Scottish expletive)!

    He's spending time with the grand-weans instead of posting something amusing for us! It's not to be tolerated.

    Someone report him to the Madaxe.

  10. Welcome Veitchy.

    John the Pedant; well it's actually sixty-one...

    Jeanne, always wanting attention, needing their nappy changed, they're hard work, Niko and Brownlie...

  11. Don't be so bloody pedantic, Conan, if there's one thing I hate it's pedants.

  12. Me too, John. Er, shouldn't there be some sort of punctuation between "hate" and "it's", and should not there be a point after Conan and a new sentence at "If"?

    But I have to say, I agree with the main thrust of your argument. There's nothing so irritating as a pedant, unless of course it's Richard Baker, or what's his name Green, no, Gray.

  13. I say "old chap" when are we getting new old post?

  14. I have a black and whitish physiog, Old Bean.

    Toodle pip