Wednesday 9 February 2011


I've just realised it's been a wee while since ma last post.

It's been a repairing hoose, looking after grandbairns, flatpack erecting, new ceiling painting, waiting on effing deliverymen, stopping dogs from attacking deliverymen, kind o' week.

It's also been edifying(?) watching the MSM jumping into action after the deal in the desert; the SNP were to blame, they let oot a "convicted" mass murderer for a free hand with airguns...FFS.

Yet some people will believe it...there is an election near after all.


  1. Yes, agreed to conveniently before he even was diagnosed.

    The things people will believe. *boggle*

    Good luck with the hoose thing. I've been editing novels like a crazed person.

  2. Thanks Jeanne. Having two bedrooms ceilings cave in on you on Boxing Day could ruin most peoples day.
    But my sister spending her first Christmas in forty years without her husband put it into perspective...

  3. Conan

    I believe it! i believe it! The snp are mad bad and dangerous to vote for..

    as the old Unionist saying goes

    Whats the freedom of a "convicted" mass murderer worth to a nationalist minority government answer one air gun ban


    When i compare the vile stinking leaders of the snp(minority government) with our own fine honorable Labour stalwarts such as

    David Chaytor(18 months)
    Eric Illsley (12 months)

    and of course that wonderful MP for livingston

    Jim Devine!(awaiting sentence)

    Labour Martyrs one and all .

  4. Get your finger out, you old twat!

  5. Easy for you to say, ya prick.

    You don't have ankle-biters.