Friday 11 March 2011

Hootsmon Headlines


  1. Sorry, actually I think its a "tanker" but when Fred used the mobile phone to the judge the connection was poor. Fred did not want to be likened to somewthing oversized, slow, difficult to deal with and full of crude oil.

  2. Re the previous comment, I decided then to use this as a blog, hope you don't mind!

  3. Conan

    wanking is all right all men do it especially in the bath(even though they all deny it)

    Banking though is a disgusting vile habit prone to making people blind and stunts your economic growth.

    woe betide you if your mother catches you Banking! swift clip around the ear and no mistake

  4. You are welcome Demetrius. I thought at first you meant tankers, as in "Tankies"

    "oversized, slow, difficult to deal with and full of crude soldiers..."

    Niko, the swift clip won't be around your *ear* after the election...

  5. "looking into those big puppy-dog eyes, you'd think he understood every word..."

    I think you're having a flashback to the previous SoS. As ugly as Skelator was, he did at least look like he might understand something. This one is too obviously unconscious.

    Conan, if you will email me at jeanne5107 at yahoo dot com, I will send you a coupon for a free download my new novel.

    In fact, anyone who emails me there and mentions the RIGHT voting intentions for Holyrood in the subject can have a coupon for a free eBook copy. Smashwords has it in Kindle, HTML, and PDF formats. (I'd love reviews on and/or Smashwords but they are not required) And sorry to use your blog to puff my novel but such are we poor novelists reduced to. ;-)

  6. Jeanne

    Sent and joined Smashwords as well

  7. Presumably, the SoS, when culled, will be entitled to free painkillers?

  8. and thanks to "200 Weeks" (on my bloglist) I think I've found the guy to do the cull. This kid should be in The Highland Games, bless him. I believe the move is called, `Dealing with the Wanker`