Tuesday 22 March 2011

What rhymes with Tavish?

Not posted for a wee while. As Joanne said, Grandbairns and work, plus a two day bender with the Rugby.
The above pic? I live in West Edinburgh, and for many years I tactically voted "sob" LibDem until the Tory meltdown and I'm pretty sure many others did too.
Those voters will never come back to them now. Tainted.
No Hootsmons for a wee while either, once I could read a Maddox article and slightly exaggerate it; no more. Has it finally got through to them that all the SNP Accused headlines weren't doing quite the job they hoped? Perhaps. The election campaign hasn't really begun, there may be many more Hootsmons yet...


  1. It has to be Lavish McTavish :-) I think the LibDems will find they're going nowhere now - they're only hope is a Con/LibDem coalition of sorts, or Party splits and reformations. At least you Scots have the SNP, the poor English mugs still can't seem to look further than the Lib/Lab/Con at the moment.

  2. Hi GV. It must be frustrating indeed. BNP lite or the Ecofascists...

  3. SLAVISH is my fav.
    Ravish works too.
    Knavish is a stretch.

  4. Conan

    so you was a closet Lib Dem then for fucks sake I had you down as a 'Hard Man' only hope your Dugs don't find out.

    The shame of it all!
    Conan up to all kinds of Libdemmery

  5. Only tactically Niko.

    Hard? Well *you* can forget about that concept after the election :¬)

  6. Paish, Old Bean.

  7. Niko,

    Your mob may well be trying to seduce the LibDems - which should not be too difficult - after the election with promises of ministerial cars. You could make a start by trying to seduce Conan? Tavish will have to change his name from Scott to North British in line with Labour policy.

  8. conan

    Nice article, thanks for the information
    yeah when you gonna write another

  9. Brownlie, seduced? By Niko...?

    Grandbairns Niko. Grandbairns.

  10. You'd need a straw to drink from the Lib Dem cup.

    What's happened to Maddox; I heard he had been sent to London, probably the place he considers the "capital", but I never read his stuff or the Hootsman. I rely on you to reprint his stuff here so that I can keep up to date with what's going on in the real world of the Scotsman (printed in England).

    I nearly vomited at the idea of "Ravish Tavish", as, only briefly, a horrible spectre appeared in my mind, involving Tavish and some island beauty, naked in the chill of a Shetland night.

    Cabbage Tavish was the nearest I could come to a word that described him and more of less fitted with the rhyme. (Oh common, I came in late and all the good one were gone; Slavish was the best of them, I thought. Elmer Fudd’s slave?...paints a picture, doesn’t it?

  11. Hawkish?