Tuesday 19 April 2011

Sun of Hootsmon Headlines

As much as I dislike the Sun (though I loved it when I was twelve, for reason's I shall not go into) at least there is there is a section of the MSM supporting the SNP, if not Independence. We all know it's a cynical marketing ploy, but...

Poor Tavish, he seems harmless enough, but I came across this photo of him and the pun kept gnawing and gnawing at me. Itch scratched.

What really disturbed me last night was a Denial of service attack on the Newsnet Scotland site.

Yet again I'm quoting Ghandi: "First they ignore you (BBC) then they laugh at you(certain commenters on the Scotsman forum) then they fight you, (Let's all guess shall we?)then you win."


  1. Oh, and BTW, the ginger beard Tavish is sporting is NOT mine!

  2. Conan

    Best ever, loved the Subaws advert. Now who is that advertising, it looks like a gray area, but it might be a bit Mxyed up.

  3. Conan, fantastic stuff. The Subaws advert pure genius. Naws it!

  4. I think the beard balances out his nose Barbanzero :¬)

    Dubbie, to be honest I never thought of Niko; but it seems to fit.

    No fitlong obviously.

  5. Conan

    Mr Myxt up will 3 inches short of the full sandwich after 5th May.

    P.S. I wonder who will buy the earrings when Mr Myxt auctions them for charity?

  6. Thanks Rosa.

    Dubbie; I must admit I feel responsible for Niko on the Net.

    Like a stray puppy.

    And I've never hit a dog in my life...

  7. I might have know the great conversion of 2011 wouldn't have missed the attention of Conan.

    Lord help us, the Sun.

    Well it certainly shows which way the wind is blowing!

  8. Honestly, even I find the conversion of The Sun a bit scary. I hear almost the entire Sunday edition was devoted to Eck Salmond adoration. I will say one thing: when The Sun decided they hated Labour (also a late conversion I seem to recall), they decided they REALLY hate Labour.

    Where is poor Niko? Has he gone into hiding?

  9. "What really disturbed me last night was a Denial of service attack on the Newsnet Scotland site."

    Newsnet Scotland has admitted that a coding cock-up rather than a denial of service attack ........ was behind the outage of its site earlier this week:


  10. Thanks Joe.

    An understandable mistake, though.

    Are we too paranoid in the Independence camp?


    Yet the Brits aren't goig to give up all those lovely revenues *too* easily.

  11. Hey Jeanne downloaded your book :¬)

    did you check out my brothers stuff?

  12. Thanks for downloading it, Conan. I downloaded your brothers but in the middle of dealing with an Amazon cock-up and editing several novels, I haven't yet had a chance to read it. I do intend to.

    I have to say today's front page of The Sun is almost as good as yours.

  13. The just a way way too many double entendres for me.

  14. Conan, I have a bit of a chapter about a certain James Douglas on my blog today. ;-)