Saturday 9 April 2011

Secret Diary

What can I say? The guy is a prick... Taxi forGray...


  1. I've got some sympathy for Gray on this one. I myself have been to the Somme, mere decades after the guns fell silent, and I also endured the horrors of Buchenwald, only 60 years after the atrocities committed there. I'll never forget being at Bannockburn, only 670 years after the dull thuds of steel on heid fell away. And if that wasn't bad enough I once climbed Arthur's Seat - I swear the lava was still glowing. So don't dare accuse me of being the kind of coward that's feart to talk to someone that agrees with me and instead tries to hide behind a baguette.

  2. I think that Loon should undergo couselling. I too visted Bannockburn and was left shaking for well what seemed like hours afterwards (the coffee in the visitor centre was boufing)... and I still have bad dreams ...although I'd have to admit, not about Bannockburn, more about some numpty becoming FM)

    Spot on with this Mr Librarian. Love it.

  3. You are obviously suffering from post post tramautic stress Loon.

    Living in Edinburgh, I'm suffering ante Tramautic stress...

    Thanks Tris.

    It *is* scary isn't it?

  4. Oh, Conan, you are naughty ....!

    forfar loon - brilliant!

  5. Watchit beardy, a prick does have a use whereas Iain Gray-------Jeez, I will lose my will to live if that oxygen thief wins in May.

    Iain Gray FM. I doesn't bear thinking.

    I am glad I have emigrated already.

    Carry On!

  6. LOL. Magestic, comedy genius.

    I am reminded of the Monty Python Holy Grail song - bold bold sir Ian, when danger reared its ugly head, he turned his tail and fled...he didn't stay, he buggered off, he know the one

    Although I too have some sympathy for Ian Grey on this one. I have visited Quebec (site of a viscious battle) and also Waterloo (site of another ferocious battle) so I know what Ian means when he talks about visiting bad places fearlessly and thus not being cowed into a sandwich shop by six people with a political agenda.

  7. Ay Scot

    He wasn't prepped for this, it was a
    setup photo-opp after all, and he can not answer on the hoof.

    He just panicked and scuttled.

    This is the FM candidate offered up by London Labour, as being worthy to lead us.

    Led for what reason, where and why.

    The answer can be written on a back of a postage stamp, something like "The Complete Works of My Original Thinking, Political Astucity and Vision" by Iain Gray. In fact the writing on the back of the above stamp would be more wordulous than his book.