Friday 7 October 2011

Hootsmon Headlines


  1. Great as always. There is a volcano next door I'd be willing to lend for the purpose but I'm afraid it's not extinct. :)

  2. He's moving closer to the palace. If I were Liz I'd look out. She'll arrive there for her Scottish week one of these years and find el presidente in her bedroom, with his baffies on.

    Well, just think of the money he'd save in petrol and the palace is only used one week a year.

  3. I think there are some people who would like to drop Alex into a live volcano Jeanne ;¬)

    Tris, what a five star hotel Holyrood would make.

    The Palace that is...

  4. Yep, moving closer to Liz, they can pop round for tea parties in the afternoons! No need for Stepford housewives when you have the Alec & Bess Show!

  5. Thanks for the link. Fab stuff there

  6. Let's hope the evil genius, whilst plotting world domination, does not sit there stroking Theresa's pussy.

  7. You still hingin aboot the Scotsman backin up Wardug and neglecting yer daytime job on the Hootsman?

  8. This is a family site Mr Brownlie!Nae mair o that kind o fuckin talk...

    Aye yer right enough, Wolfie Ah've been sair remiss.
    Mah yin and only excuse is a canny be ersed at the moment.
    Mah other excuse is The Torygraph, commenting on Cochers articles is amazingly addictive.
    Ok twa excuses.
    Oh and ma wee moose is knackered and a canny use the wee square thingy verra weel.
    Three excuses? Awright Ah've run oot...