Wednesday 26 October 2011

Hootsmon Headlines


  1. It's gonna be another one of these awkward moments of indecision for Harriet Harman.

    On the one hand Dr Whiteford is a woman... on the other hand she's only an SNP woman.

  2. Hi Tris.

    I'm on Wikipedia now!


  3. Must be Conan, he is the only Anonymous I know.

  4. conan

    give her a doing aint that bad now if he had said he would Kick her in the cunt that would be bad but he dirrennt say it....

    no a lot of fuss about nuffing still perfect for the snp

  5. Conan

    mind if i ask like you being a bit older now do you find getting a hard on just as easy as when you woz younger and not so fat.....

    me and the missus went to me docs and i says like im finding it difficult to get me a hard on

    doc says to wife does it bother her Oh! no she says

    I says nah it wouldn't would it

  6. Since you're on Wikipedia now, I suggest you get off your lazy duff and post more often.

  7. Keep 'em wanting more is my motto Jeanne...

    Really, I'm having too much fun on the Torygraph, after the Scotsman forums it's like shooting racist, ignorant, arrogant fish in a London shaped barrel.