Wednesday 23 November 2011

Hootsmon Headlines


  1. Conan

    Plagiarism by Alex Salmond that would be Mein Kampf..


    Who ate all the pies?
    Who ate all the pies?
    You fat bastard,
    You fat bastard,
    You ate all the pies


    what do you want for xmas

  2. If that was supposed to be a joke it was an exceedingly stupid one, Niko. The "Salmond is a Nazi" idiocy theme from certain Unionist shows the vacuity of their minds to the nth degree. On the other hand, I will admit it's a good way to give votes to the SNP, so they should say please keep it up.

    I rather suppose that next Unionists will want to put adverts on the Tomb of the Unknown. Way to support the Union. *eye roll*

  3. J.R. Please don't confuse Niko with big words like "joke" "supposed" and certainly not "vacuity". He may, however, be familiar with "stupid" and, to be fair, "please keep it up" is a remark with which he is only too familiar, I'm afraid.

  4. JR




    Old P'ang requires nothing in the world:

    All is empty with him, even a seat he has not,

    For absolute Emptiness reigns in his household;

    How empty indeed it is with no treasures!

    When the sun is risen, he walks through Emptiness,

    When the sun sets, he sleeps in Emptiness;

    Sitting in Emptiness he sings his empty songs,

    And his empty songs reverberate through Emptiness:

    Be not surprised at Emptiness so thoroughly empty,

    For Emptiness is the seat of all the Buddhas;

    And Emptiness is not understood by the men of the world,

    But Emptiness is the real treasure:

    If you say there's no Emptiness,

    You commit grave offence against the Buddhas.

  5. Niko, you're a fattist.

    Hi Jeanne, Niko is a bit simple, but I believe he has a good heart...he ripped it out of a SNP canvasser.

    John; are you sloopjohnB on the Torygraph?

  6. Conan, Yikes, you've caught me out - did ye no recognise my purple prose? Is that Niko having a pop at my wee free Buddhism? The second line looks like a version of musical chairs?

  7. Say No to Coe's Ring

  8. Conan

    That there Brownlie is likely to go missing one day soon and late at night there will be a knocking at his front door..
    And when his family(more like the people who have to put up with him and his miserly ways)
    answer the dread knocking
    They will find a bundled up newspaper on the door stoop which when they unwrap it in their living room(Brownlie calls it the parlor ooer POSH)
    to reveal a pair(his one and only pair) of stinky urine stained undypants wrapped around a ten day dead haggis....

    which is an Old Scottish Labour Message



  9. I think a spoil sport is the weather tonight as surfing is not advised I believe over in the west!

    I can only see three rings in that pic shooooorly sum mistake.

  10. LOL!!! Niko!! Brownlie has been known to sleep with worse things than the haggisis(?)--- if you're still in touch with them can you let me know their mobile numbers?.

    I remember one night after the Barrowlands and waking up with a well known Labour polly and all I can say is it was simply devine but it , unfortunately, was not him, I think, and she might have given a false name because I thought something like Cathy would have suited her better!

  11. Th-th-th-ats all, Foulkes!