Thursday 23 February 2012

Hootsmon Headlines

As my last two attempts at drunken blogging went down like a lead balloon, I thought I'd do it sober for once.I know I'm a bit late with the porridge thing, but I just couldn't think of another headline. Then last night, as if by magic...


  1. Welcome back. Ruth Davidson will soon be no more. I think.

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  2. Is the PM saying "The gruel for the peasants isn't that bad. They should be thankful it is not grass. Thats it, peasants eating grass, an environmentally friendly way of cutting my lawn and doing something for their welfare cheque. Peasants get fed while doing a work placement. Have to mention this to Boris, he will save zillions on trimming the grass in Hyde Park with this whizza idea. Who says we Tories don't care!"

  3. Air miles Eric flying off the handle!

  4. The look on that poor worker's face said it all. Can't be shown too many times.

  5. Conan

    I toght your last two blogs were great mind I was well bladdered meself.

    notinavan a classic

  6. Wolfie, I'm doing stuff from scratch; if it's worth it, you will see it.

    1. I just like getting on yer moobies.

  7. Brilliant Conan. When you are in stuck for a story you can usually count on some daft Scottish Labour MP to come to your aid, like the answer to a maiden's prayers...

    What a set pf [patronising bastards the Tories are. I bet someone in Downing Street was looking for somewhere for Eton boy to have his picture took and the only thing they could connect to Scotland was porridge.

    It's a wonder it wasn't a bloody bagpipe factory. Maybe they are saving that for next time the wee git comes up.

    1. I have it on very poor authority that his researchers said, "Lets all go to Scotchland for a fact hunt" and the Cam assumed they meant schmoozing wee Alex.

  8. Dandie, spot on.

    Ch, this will run and run. Not in the Scotsman though...

    Jeanne, indeed, the Tories just DO NOT get it.

    Thank fuck.

    Niko, thanks mate. You must be thinking about voting SNP now; seriously.

  9. Can someone explain what happens now with Labour, Eric Joyce and the Falkirk seat? And what is involved in having the whip withdrawn from our rather hostile Labour friend who likes head-butting people? I'm sooo confused.

    And is it true that Cameron put sugar on his porridge? ;-)

  10. Jean

    As I understand it he needs to resign if he has been sentenced to more than a year in prison. At first that might seem a bit weird but it also helps protect someone from being taken out of the body politic but some minor offence being upgraded by a twisted legal system from a slap on the wrist to a custodial sentence.

    Without the whip he is not technically a Labour MP and receives no support so is therefore an "independent" MP.

    It also means that should his suspension cross a General Election he would automatically not be selected as a labour candidate.

    Joyce was charged with "common assault" which is a the lowest charge possible, having actually hot somebody. In fact I am surprised that he has not been charged with "bodily harm" which would have opened him to up tpo 5 years years in the pokie. I must add the caveat that he is being processed under English law and my experience at the sharp end has been with Scots Law.

    It looks like he will get away with it.

    He has form with alcohol and has lost his driving licence quite recently. He has been drunk on TV also. Yet his voters continue to vote for him.

    As for Cameron and sugar, anything would be possibel. I commented on a "make a caption" blog about the photograph that he was saying, Cameron that is,

    " Is this free range or caged?"

  11. I forgot to say Jean, that a good brief, apologies all round, 4 weeks in some treatment clinic, and a nice note from the doctor combined with an explanation about some highly private problem he has been having will carry him over the finishing line.

    Neither Labour or the Tories want a by election in Scotland as the SNP could sweep it and then the unionists would find themselves under more pressure. A dirty deal has been done to make sure Joyce doesn't have to resign mid term but he will be demissioned for the next GE.

  12. Those porridge factory photos were sitting up and begging for you Conan.
    ( I laughed and laughed at the gamut of emotions when they were posted )

  13. Ah, at last I can comment! So Cameron is doing porridge? If only........

  14. Jeanne; I wouldn't put it past him...

    Cheers DD.

    You've had problems commenting Demetrius?

    I thought it was something I said...

    Wolfie, the RD thing is on the back burner for now. Maybe if she headbuts Johann...?

  15. Noticed your comment on NNS -

    "# Conan the Librarian™ 2012-02-26 15:22
    The first time ever I've been censored-and that's what it is-by anyone other than Johnston Press.

    You are welcome to their club."

    I too appear to anathema in the eyes of the Kirk Session and now Niko has picked up on them and is having a field day. I told them so.