Saturday 4 February 2012

The Real Referendum

I thought, since everybody seems to be doing it, I'd bring out my referendum question.


  1. Only one problem with that. There are areas of Scotland where no one has ever seen a Tory. And in others the idea of "A" Tory might be one that stirs a vague memory amongst older people, but the plural will be an unknown phenomenon.

  2. Well I've "heard" of David Cameron(Though I've never seen him up here) and Something Clegg.

    That's two isn't it?

  3. Where's the option for Humpin Max?

    The question might be a bit confusing for Tories to read as yon wee dugs they have will always be humpin thur legs non stop. Whits the name eh Dave's pet wan? Oh eye, Clegg.

    Does the Hootsman take stories from regional correspondents? The occasional article can be submitted from The Kingdom Fife.

  4. I am wondering if the "800,000" immigrants from England since 2007 have all settled in the Borders?

  5. God, have you SEEN photos of David Cameron? I think the answer to that would be: No!

    Or maybe you lot mean something different by that than we Americans. Yikes. *shudder*

  6. As a Lib-Dem, I'd just like to say that I'd love to hump the Tories.

    Let's face it, they've been humping us for months.

  7. Sorry Conan -- Dark Lochnagars wins by a ! hair!

  8. Conan, can you be a bit more specific about which Tory?

  9. J, I'm going to put up an e-mail address where folk can make suggestions, insult, give money and spam me with. I'm just trying to think up a suitable name for it.

    Any suggestions?

    Jeanne there is a subtle difference...

    Barney; was it worth a deputy PM?

    Doothy, he did dae it furst. The Spanish get.

    John, wee Action Krankie has a certain je ne sais quoi, but I just can't put my finger on it.

    1. aye_ti_suggestions_insults_money_and_spam@

  10. PS I tried to use the reply function for Wolfie, but it didn't work.

    Shouldn't complain about Blogger, it is free I suppose.

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    I am from Glasgow

  13. I think I know you Conan did you use to know peesty and shoolts andride a big goldwing?

    funny blog by the way Diane from the black pig

  14. Wolfie, brilliant suggestion, needs cogitation for a wee while though.

    "Ahem"... Diane; I did and did.

    Long time still have legs that go all the way up to your bum?