Thursday 26 January 2012

Hootsmon Headlines

Now they are complaining it's a loaded question. I despair sometimes...


  1. They haven't seen the labels on the tick boxes yet.

    Yes X

    Yes X

  2. Conan

    Oh! yes the subtlety of Unionist mindbending elludes you then???

    Do you agree that Scotland should be an Independent country?

    While we Unionists would read

    you do agree Scotland shouldan be Independent country?

    Yes yes yes

    Warning level three Unionist mindbender

  3. Sir Edward Carson,
    the new Unionist leader, told his audience that he was entering into
    a compact , or bargain, with them. He continued, with the help of
    God you and I joined together I giving you the best I can, and you
    giving all your strength behind me

    'we will yet defeat the most
    nefarious conspiracy that has ever been hatched against a free
    people '

  4. Apparently there were problems at the printers. The first question should read: "You agree that Scotland should be an independent country?" The second question should read: "Are you mad?"

  5. So you'll be voting -

    Q1 - NO
    Q2 - YES

  6. Grahamski

    Re the second question. you have answered, and thank you for your candour.

    I suppose that come Independence we will need to set up care-in-the-community drop in centres for yourself and ilk.

    I, personally, would stop short of reorientation and re-education camps but that decision really is for a later day.

    Have a Nice One trolling the bowels of the Scotsman!

  7. I seem to be able to respond today, so:

    CH, perhaps Westminster will print papers with a large flourescent arrow pointing to the "NO" box..

    Niko, quoting Carson; you know your audience don't you...

    Welcome Graham, I hope your blog lasts longer than the last one.

    Barney, not mad, the puir mannie has seen his world crashing down twice in the past few years. OK so he is mad...

    Wolfie, the glory days of posting on the Scotsman are over, thanks to their crap software with it's troll friendly comments; is that their plan? Probably.

    Cheers Doug, liked your post on Bella.

  8. Nice one ... I take it once he's mesmerised us all into voting "Aye", we'll be able to munch raw onions like apples too... canny wait.
    Should help to keep unwelcome trolls at bay....

  9. Graham

    Eats, shits and leaves.

  10. The Panda headline is brilliant. LOL

  11. "Now they are complaining it's a loaded question. I despair sometimes... "


    "I agree that the Scottish Government should negotiate a settlement with the UK Government so that Scotland becomes an independent state."

    "I agree that the powers of the Scottish Parliament should be extended so that independence could be achieved."

    "Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?"

    Jeez, the problem is that the Nats don't know which way to load the question from one "consultation paper" to the next.

    Just why have we dropped the "state" word, by the way?

  12. I've got an idea for you S but have lost your e-mail address after my computer blew up.


  13. I was getting all sorts of spam/hatemail on the C the L address Wolfie; I'll get around to posting one up on here.