Monday 9 January 2012

Hootsmon Headlines

Well, as I always said it on here, a Tory Government in Westminster versus any Holyrood administration would lead to independence. The icing on the cake is it's a ToryLib Government made up of privately educated millionaires versus a majority SNP one.
Please come and campaign in Scotland Dave, please...

This time last year I was waiting for a builder to repair my roof and two bedroom ceilings; this year I'm a bit luckier as only the gate to the dogs run blew off. The lawn now resembles a muddy battlefield once again thanks to four terriers' escape attempts.
Many of my neighbours weren't so lucky, entire fences were felled like drawbridges and slates litter the ground like cherry blossom; the local leisure centre's roof was stopped on it's merry way to Edinburgh by a stand of trees, and my local's roof leaks.

Apart from that, it's been a good year for me so far.

Blogger is being...Blogger.

I can't view comments; I hope they are favourable folks...


  1. Yes, let him come, and bring his friend Michael Forsyth with him. The two of them certainly have their fingers on the pulse of modern Scotland.

    I don't know what Clegg's going to do. I doubt Clegg does, and thus Wee Willie Winkie, no, sorry Rennie, won't have a clue either.

    Mrs Lamont has agreed with the Tories, but seems to be swier to share a platform with them for fear that the Daily Record readers might put one and one together (fat chance).

    Ruth hasn't said anything yet, but you can bet that she's Cameron's woman through and through.

    As for Milly... who cares?

    The SoS for Scotland has been sidelined and George Osborne is now de facto SoS. So, apart from the shootin' estates, he'll know the square root of jack Shhhhhh about it.

    A hapless crew of no hopers, against a committed team with plenty money and fantastic resources.

    But the BBC and the press will lie and lie and then lie again. So it won't all be plain sailing.

    Unfortunate that it should come at a time when there is so much to do to get people back to work. But there, that's government for you.

    Glad you're having a better time of it this year than last Conan. Lang may it last!

  2. I just hope the Blessed Margaret lives to see independence...

  3. LOL Forfar Loon. That's an interesting notion. I'm not sure that she would understand what had happened poor old soul. She appears to have lost her marbles a bit.

    I have a bet on the first week of their olympics.

  4. The Witch living to see Scotland feckin off and the break up of the UK.


    FUKU for short

    Revenge is a dish best tasted cold (Margaret Thatcher)

  5. I suppose if she does die, we cab always dig her up and set her in front of the tele at the declaration of independence.

    A modern day version of Cromwell's lying in State

  6. And then there was this:

    FM Alex Salmond announces Independence Referendum for Autumn 2014.

    Truthfully... Even a few years ago I was none too sure it would happen in any of our lifetimes.

  7. Frankie Boyle an establishment figure? - fecks sake -= as if they did not have enough comedians. Next it will be Jim Davidson leading the unionist's no campaign.

    Incidentally, Conan, must take issue with your traffic feed - it classes me as a 'visitor from Stornoway'? I live in Harris and Stornoway is in Lewis - forty miles away. Harris and Lewis are like Scotland and England. Any more insults of this nature and I'll take my custom elsewhere - probably the Telegraph!

  8. John

    I think it is where the first major internet exchange, proper, is. I live in SW France and sometimes turn up as a visitor from Toulouse or sometimes Lourdes. I am not getting into jokes about miracles but the visitor from thingy is a general indicator

    The DT is a hoot, mon.

    Their bloggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is like shooting brainless fish in a barrel. They come back for more. None of them seem tp learn

  9. Lupus,

    That's why Conan spends so much time there - he hates fish or is it Cochrane?

  10. Have you S got the Thatcher shock death edition prepared ?