Sunday 18 March 2012

Hootsmon Headlines


  1. I doubt if they had the time to wreck Miliband's Office.

    They have too much to do laying waste to Britain just now.

  2. I see they want to sell off the roads now, another way for their friends in the City to get rich; Polls.

    What is it with the Tories and poll taxes?

  3. well I heard it was dun by a SUN reporter but seeing as they are members of her Majesty press and have diplomatic immunity the Old Bill let em Off...........with a stern wack around the ear but being Old Etonians they became aroused and demanded to thrashed while tied across Edds desk...made an awful mess..............

    they even spoofed there man fat all over edds diary............Dirty feckers.

    Roads you say well Cameron has said he wants to go back to Victorian days doing a damn firm job so far soon the whole of the UK will be filled with ragamuffins.Being stuck up chimneys minimum wage freeze for children cant argue with that i mean over six quid to stick up a bairn up chimney daylight robbery.

    And when these young ragamuffins get desperate enough they will have to sell thier sex services to the glee and benefit of all the old Etonians and Tory traditionalists.
    And i though Cameron waz a mug he knows were he is heading back to the 1850s

  4. Probably just the Bullingdon Boys putting a few chairs through windows. (Although Mr Cameron was never there when they did anything illegal, you understand... He must have been a right wet blanket Jessie when he was a kid if he joined a 'get pissed' club and never got pissed.)

    At least Boris admitted to shop lifting at Fortnum & Mason when he was pissed (although it came back to bite him when he ranted about the appalling behaviour of the peaceful protesters in the same shop a couple of years go). What twats these people are. Rank amateurs, they are utterly useless.

  5. Has your readership overtaken Jill Bameson's baby yet?

    The headlines are all very well but for my £5 I want the dirt on page 3. Is it true that he is going to prevent people paying if they have an accident or fall ill? Will he keep the water as a State Monopoly instead of passing it on to people who could profit from it? It worries me that he is disturbing the status quo and that he is doing it deliberately. We want more from the Hootsmon's guts; not just the pretty pictures.

  6. Anonymous, Yes, pretty pictures. More Cathy Jamieson please Conan.