Sunday 10 June 2012

SNP Black Ops.

I think Alan's employers should be told, don't you?

Okay I faked it, but only after Mr Cochrane had admitted he'd worn one to get into the launch of the YES campaign.
Or was he aware of another photograph and launched a pre-emptive strike...?


  1. They all pasted it for not being a SNP slick promo when the whole point of the excercise was that YES is not an SNP thing. Duh-oh!

    Don't worry about the fakery; its probably true in one of the alternative realities, though probably not the one Alan writes about.

  2. Conan

    Its not snp black ops that the extremist Nationalists(John Brownlie) should worry about

    Nah! its the Green ops that have just knobbled the snpendum (see what i dun there brill eh! its like putting the snp and joining it with endum from referendum meaning all fucked for Alex)

  3. Conan,

    You should stick a warning up before posting a picture of Big Al - there may be children reading your blog - Niko, for one. As for snp black obs why should I worry about something I'm part of?

  4. Best part of the Yes launch was Rab McNeill, spotting Cochrane and shouting out, "There's Cochrane, get him."