Tuesday 26 June 2012

Hootsmon Headlines

The 21st century. Revolution, inspired by equality for all, has deposed tyrants all over North Africa.

Then along comes Islamists and people who think others should show deference to them because they were born superior, due to 'blood' apparently.


  1. looks to me as if Alex is going to give Cameron a blow job still with Alexs mouth full we can all have some peace and quiet.

  2. Niko's just jealous, because he wanted to be first....

    Still Niko, maybe after the nobility, you'll be first...

  3. Oh God.

    I re-wrote my blurb several times when pished; I do believe I cocked up several sentences after 'Islamists'

    I took the extra 'o' from Hootsmon but missed that.

  4. The piccie of Eck at the bowling ( let me just check that spelling ) job made me think that the batter together mob were at Drake's Drum 'cos it really is England's hour of need.

    Or is it only if you're under 25 and poor.

  5. He'd be lovely in a crinoline. DC sometimes looks like Queen Victoria after a bad night on the laudaunum