Saturday 7 July 2012

Some things never change

Did this some years ago...change Saturday to Sunday.

"Why haven't I been posting of late?", some kind person  asked me by e mail.

Several reasons; personal, work and yet another dead computer, hence this quick rehash.

Peace and love chumrades.


  1. welcome back, oh and switch your mobile on mate, txt waiting. :-)

  2. Welcome back indeed !
    If you spent less time chasing the f^ckwits on the DT you could spend more time making me laugh or at the very least ,smile!
    However , I recognise your need for enjoyment too and westheadbanger/orraquine baiting seems as good a way as any!

  3. Thanks DD.

    I have suspicions who Heidie really is...

  4. A propos your suspicious loss of computers: a wee hint.

    Don't try to generate the batteries by puting the computrers in the oven, above 98 Celsius that is.