Saturday 21 July 2012

Hootsmon Headlines

Hi folks. As Mr Cochrane is on holiday, I now find myself with a wee window to catch up with my blog, Dorothy...
My repaired  computer is working fine (thanks Jamie) perhaps even a tad faster than before; it certainly doesn't overheat like it used to.

So, to business. Any residents of Edinburgh indulging in a wee bit of schadenfreude about the Olympics? The tramworks will be as nothing compared to the Zil lanes, terrorist searches and corporate clothing circumscriptions...fortunately for the Londoners it will only last for a couple of weeks.

We have another two years.


  1. Yeah, but we doesn't have pious and over titled waste of space that is Sebastian Coe. How's that for luck?

  2. There you are commenting what rubbish the posts on the e-Hootsmon are and then you go and put up that photo! Niko will be all over this blog like a rash.

    Glad to see the supremely evil tax is back. 8)

  3. I bet there was much choking and gasping for air at the scotsman/scotland on sunday with today's main story/front page, which has the words 'Scots back SNP' in that order in the headline. Pity the article doesn't allow comments.

  4. Just caught up with you Connan - glad you are back to your own kind of madness which I really enjoy!

    I have to say I haven't missed the bearded fellow - he does terrible things to my blood pressure.I am not by nature a violent person but I could fair set about him with my handbag!

  5. O/T but can we put the missing Cochers up for the job of the Treasury's man in Scotland?

  6. Dorothy,

    Be careful you don't pick on the wrong bearded person. I've always had a suspicion regarding Conan and Cockers. Nah, it couldn't be, could it?

    1. Aargh!Surely not??
      One of them has a highly developed sense of humour ,the other has paranoia - should be easy to tell them apart!

  7. Saw Cochers is back today. Saw "The Answer" of the Scotsman fame is now on commenting on Cochers articles. If I remember rightly, "The Answer" is someone from Berkshire with a link to Denmark - just like Mrs Cochrane by coincidence.

    Mebbe people should start answering to "The Answer" by calling her Jenny?

  8. Hello folks.

    I really have been neglecting this blog haven't I?

    John, as funny as it would be, I'm not Alan Cochrane. His hair is darker than mine and the last time I wore a crumpled suit was for the interview at the Scotsman.

    Thanks Dorothy. I just hope Alan's columns will not be picked over by future historians looking for hidden meanings.

    They may really think that he was a satirist...

    Aberdonian, that piece of shit.
    Using War dead statistics to try and belittle the sacrifice that Scotland made in the First World War has put that creature beyond the pale as far as I'm concerned.

  9. Hi Conan

    Yeah, I believe in an independent Scotland but would not denigate those Scots who made the ultimate sacrifice or risked it for the British state. Excellant examples are Ian Hamilton QC and Paul H Scott who both risked their lives for both Scotland and the UK in WWII and nobody can dare argue with that.