Monday 17 September 2012

Hootsmon Headlines

Entirely predictable pictures chosen for Andy's visit to his hometown on the MSM. For every Union flag visible, there were dozens of Saltires, yet of course the Union flag featured heavily in the pictures picked by editors...


  1. Well its like economics int it? Thousands of pictures of Kate but knockers is rare. Thousands of pictures of Andy with Saltire but Union is rare. I gets more money for the rare picture.

  2. I noticed on the BBC yesterday how they struggled to get photos of union flags. In fact their coverage was dreadful. At the postbox a chap walked in front of their cameraman who didn't do a thing about it. They missed the shots of the children and the medals etc.

    It wis a braw efternane watchin the laddie. Way better than them posh fowk in Edinburgh wi their bus. Naebody got an autograph frae them. :)

  3. Not much coverage either of Andy Murray's "You make me proud to be Scottish" remark!

  4. Conan S

    Nice we photo of Mado to send to you.

    Again lost your e-mail address

    If you want it send me an e-mail at

  5. You can always tell a blog with love interest in it. There is the sagebrush blowing in the wind between the peeling facades of deathless prose feeling to it and the dates are all historical. Give up on this orraquine Conan, she lives in Bury St Edmunds. #shivers#

  6. "Peeling facades of deathless prose".

    You a Scotsman journo handclapping?

  7. "S"cotsman and "j"ourno have been independenced for years by dictionaries as they have no relation the one to the other.

    At this point "if I were a Dalek" bugger can't remember the name of the film I would start the whizzing round and "Does not compute" and exploding bit but I know you were only trying to rile me :)

    Just the ability to contribute to an ex-librarian's blog puts me higher on the evolutionary scale than a Scotsman journo even though I have to wear gloves to stop my knuckles getting (scr)aped.