Tuesday 2 February 2016

God, I don't want to be sued, but....

I once worked for the City of Edinburgh Libraries; about  twenty years ago small branch libraries  were asked to manually delete individual accounts, long overdues, huge fines, etc. to help larger branches, like Morningside.

I got a sheaf of them, as we all did.

One of them stuck out, mainly because of the unusual surname, and the title of the first book on the list.

...Of the six long overdue books,,,

"How to write children's books".

I wonder if ECL has a case to sue this particular author?


  1. conan

    Ah ! hence conan the librarian..I get it brill

    Lucky you didnt work for the local gynecological department then it would of been conan the cxxx snigger !

    1. Wow.

      Just wow.

      Eight years on, Niko finally gets my moniker...

    2. You could never accuse Niko of not being sharp as a tack.

    3. His heart is in the right place.

      His brain is up his arse.

      But that is just my opinion.

  2. Replies
    1. Nah. She wasn't a plagiarist, just racist.

      But that was the thirties, where most of her books were based - hang on -

  3. Was there another book, in the series?
    How to write children's books, well?

    Just kidding.

  4. No, Conan, Niko's brain is not up there. Mrs Niko told me, in the strictest confidence, at the bingo that the proctologist advised that looking for it was the equivalent of trying to find a specific ant in the Amazon rain-forest...

  5. Incidentally, Conan the librarian, I never knew you were a librarian - why didn't you say?

    1. A man has to have some secrets, John. Niko's is where he keeps his brain; Conan's is his profession.

  6. Wow, and there was me thinking he was a dog-father.

    Those pictures are wrong, propaganda like the BBC. He's (or is it Hew's) a librarian; he kept that quiet!

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  8. Conan, you are a fool. Disabled toilet.