Friday 22 May 2009

Chill Pill Power

My wee fresh faced bairn of a doctor has doubled the dose on my meds.

It seems to be working, I'm in a lovely happy land where everything is rosy and the current political situation is like the early morning haar; soon gone with the wind.
On the down side, I don't post as much; as for looking at the Scotsman comments, I just canny be ersed.
In the old days(all of three years ago)there was not the depressing rythm in the comments section as there is now.
These days its the interminable disparaging articles about the SNP, backed up by one, or possibly two journos commenting under many user names.

Any criticism of the Labour Party, Westminster, Broon, Darling and the Union is answered by them with: Salmond is fat, broken promises is fat.
Oh, and Kenny Mcaskill is an erse...

...but I'll still, never ever, vote Labour again.


  1. Conan,

    Never again, how so, young man, how so?

  2. You enjoy la-la land Conan. It's not that often anyone gets there for free (courtesy of their GP).

    I seldom read the Scotsman these days, it's so biased it just angers me. Sad isn't it we all 'met' when the Scotsman forums held good debates.

  3. Conan

    you say yourself about being under the influence of Drugs so how can we know if you are telling the truth.

    Perhaps whilst hallucinating you are confusing the Labour party with the
    I know we will do a simple test.

    Right are you ready?


    now take a good look for a few seconds
    and tell me how many fingers am i holding up.

  4. And just out of curiosity when you take these tablets can you still get a hard on...

    If so they must be different from the ones my Doc has prescribed me.

  5. Niko,

    That's Labour's NHS for you, mind you if you'd gone private you'd have been okay and you could claim expenses under a Private Member's Bill. Or you could have listened to Ian Gray and you'd have been bored stiff.

  6. I've been having problems posting on some sites like this one. Blogger won't accept my posts. So here's my post for Conan:

  7. Thanks for responding folks.
    subrosa, aye, the original cybernats; and PROUD to be called one.
    brownlie, see Niko lol.
    Niko, I don't know about fingers, but do you have opposable thumbs? ;-)
    Who's hard on would you like?
    Responded very briefly on your blog scunnert, thanks again.

  8. Drugs, as we use to say in the old days, "Better living through modern chemistry.", which we ripped off from a TV advertisement from, I think, DuPont. Not that I would like to repeat some of those substances, but what the hell, young and foolish. The hell of it is, now they give me some of the very ones I abused. Nice of them, I think. Free, too, what could be better?