Thursday 11 June 2009

Another Government meltdown

This is information that, but for a Freedom of Information request, would have remained secret:

Two years ago, a burst pipe inside the Sizewell A station led to a huge leak from the pond used to cool thousands of nuclear fuel rods.
Sizewell lies in Suffolk, on the East coast of England. If the nuclear fuel rods had caught fire, the resulting radioactive plume could have landed on villages from Southwold and Dunwich in the North, to Thorpeness and Aldburgh in the South, and inland to Leiston and Saxmundum.

The leak was only found out by chance...

Yet the Government, in it's wisdom, said a prosecution would not be in the public interest.

Or maybe not in Gordon Brown's brother's interest.


  1. What's his brother got to do with it other than pay half of their cleaning expenses? Ah I remember. His brother is a heid bummer in E eon or whatever it's called. Right.

    Now if I had bookmarked the new strategy Germany may take on nuclear power stations I'd be able to let you see how miserable his brother must be feeling today Conan, but I didn't and of course I can't remember which site it was on. I shall continue to rattle my brain, but don't hold your breath.

  2. Heh, ken how ye feel subrosa, ma brain rattles aboot anaw when Ah'm tryin tae nail doon sumhin.

    Ah should really use a hammer.

  3. Jesus Conan that's wan scarry scenario. An thon mad bastards that want mair ae thum?

  4. Aye Scunnert, clean energy eh?
    Mind ye there's bunkers underneath maist places the rich fowk hing oot. Either that or a helicopter pad.

  5. There is no safe nuclear energy. If it was any other commodity - and it is a commodity as someone pays for it - it would be banned under health and safety risk assessment.

    They are just by-passing all the rules because renewables can't keep up with the energy guzzling lifestyle that people want, and most politicians are too feart to actually tell people that.

  6. Observer is spot on, well said.

  7. Nuclear power stations never affect anyone. My uncle Mary lives next to one.