Wednesday 3 June 2009

The Prophecies of Nikodamus

Quatrain the first:

"In the reign of the evil witch queen

She shall lay waste to the North; the one shall become we

The son is lost and found; not yet time for policies green

A war is fought; she gives away gas and electricity"

Quatrain the second:

"The tyrant is usurped by the grey man

He does nothing major; or nought minor

Eggs shall be reviled; even unto the frying pan

Curry shall be in favour; he shall give one to her"

Quatrain the third:

"The red men shall turn blue; the tooth'd one gains power

The workers are betrayed; he disdains clause four

The brazen trumpets blare; they paint a red flower

His brains are misunderestimated; he goes to war"

Quatrain the fourth:

"From the North comes a one-eyed man with a frown

Rich men lose money; prudence goes oot the windae

Two houses are needed in London town

Comes the antichrist; its name is Mandy"


  1. Mandy looked very disquieted on the window of the moving demons today. Prudence is purported to be voting for the Neck Tie Party tomorrow.

  2. Lawson, what a great name for TV! Be sure I shall steal it!

  3. Conan your blog is actually a bit frightening.

    Mind you so is lord mandy..

  4. "Mandy oh Mandy, yer handy I'm told
    Mandy oh Mandy if I could be so bold
    To call you my friend til the day that I die
    Many oh Mandy, I smile when I lie.

  5. "From the North comes a one-eyed man with a frown"

    In Norway that would be considered a good omen
    If you have ever heard of Odin?