Wednesday 5 May 2010

Hootsmon Election Headlines

Yes I know it's a guinea pig, the usual Hootsmon journalistic licence applies.


  1. Wee Eck - is Gaelic for Der Fuhrer - brilliant!

  2. Aw - Bastard

    Hilarious, with a touch of mad genius.

    Thanks for cheering me up...

  3. Thanks don't think I may have went a wee bit over the top...?


  4. Conan,

    Excellent post - and an amazing grasp of Gaelic!!! - slainte mhath!!

  5. Not far enough Conan

  6. Conan, have you had a hand in writing the Sun editorial:

    “…And that is the most frightening thing about Nick Clegg: He looks sensible and he sounds sensible, but underneath the flashy suit he is a dangerous extremist who has got a long way in three weeks by smiling for the cameras and keeping quiet about his pauchling…”

    Bet Glegg doesn’t eat Guinea Pigs, erm, Hamsters though.

    (ok, I made pauchling bit up but they did pauchle £2.4m of stolen money they received from convicted fraudster Michael Brown so it's kinda true)

  7. Brownlie, my Klingon is better;
    (heavy smoker first fag of the morning)
    "Qu'vath guy'cha v'aka"


    Donald, pauchle! No heard that guid Scots word fur yonks, ever since Jim devine was talking aboot his jiners wages.

    Ayrshire, from the master of the put down, I thank you.
    PS. where's yer blog?

  8. Just heard that there's been £25,000,000 bet on the outcome of this election...could we bet our way out of recession?