Thursday 20 May 2010

Problems with Facebook

Islamic militants; you will lose if you push hard enough.


  1. ...........Muhammad...?.........

  2. Your point Niko?

    Not your liberal use of ellipsis, just repeating the name Mohammed.

    Without a drawing.

  3. conan

    that is a drawing off ALLAH........

    one that is permitted so i unlike your good self am safe from jihad best keep your Dugs with you at all times........

    toothless little rats i could just give them a good toe punt up the arse and boot them over the roof of your hoose

  4. A three-legged dug came limping one day
    into the jail at Moosejaw,
    "Sheriff" he said, on unsteady legs
    "Sheriff, I've came for my paw"

    With apologies to Hector!

  5. You haven't seen my dugs in action Niko; you might be able to kick one, but the rest of them would be hanging off your dangly bits half a second later, as I have the only sabre toothed Jack Russells in captivity...
    ...and of course if anybody kicked my dogs, I wouldn't even phone an ambulance for them whilst they are writhing in agony having lost their balls to the dogs and their teeth to me.

  6. Brownlie, how do you spot Niko in a nudist colony?

    It's no hard.

  7. Conan

    you forget i have always got Taz to sort out your Dugs

  8. I'm sure Taz is a lovely wee pet Niko.
    Some sort of bull terrier cross?
    Trust me, against my smallest dug, Psycho-Sweetie...
    Bugrit, I'm going to do a dog post.

  9. A friend of mine in a restuarant waited for nearly half an hour to be served. In despair, he whistled at a passing waitress. She came storming over and growled "I'm not a dog" so he said "Sorry, lassie ....."!