Tuesday 11 May 2010

Hootsmon Headlines

I was a relatively young man when the Tories got in before, and middle-aged when they were kicked out again. Most of the comedians around then that were any good were the "Alternative" ones, and they were to a "person" anti Thatch.

Today's blogs are the alternative comedians of the eighties made manifold; how will we be blogging in ten or fifteen years?

True to the Hootsmon ethos I ignored all the Nat blogs out there who will still fight the good fight.

And I know Webber wasn't a comedian, at least in his own eyes...


  1. I tried Conan, I tried - sorry...

  2. A handful of blogs with 50 hits a day can't compare to the brainwashing power of the Daily Record Ally...;¬)

  3. There is one alternative comedian of the eighties who is still upthere as a great comedian/social commentator/writer and actor.
    Alexi Sayle.

  4. Aye Willie. Even given his wee Toshiba advert...and his image being taken down from Wiki for "copyright" reasons.
    If you know better Willie tell me, I'm not saying this to get at you; we were comrades in arms in the old days of the Scotsman :¬)

  5. No problem there Conan we wont fall out about it. Having recently read one of Alexi Sayle's books which had me laughing out loud. I still think he has got something.

    With writers artists comedians musicians ect, we can still acknowledge their talent without agreeing with everything they do.

    Yes the old Scotsman forum. I still put in the occasional post.

    Best wishes to you and pseudepigraphia

  6. The world needs 1/2 a dozen or more Margarets today to rule countries out of anarchy and wipe out the deficits government seem to accumulate around the universe

  7. Does anyone know if Ste Margaret has been told they won, or does she not know that they ever lost?

    Anyway, if I'm gonna look like Andrew Lloyd Webber in 15 years, I'm gonna take the gas (as my granny would say).