Monday 16 August 2010

Secret Diary

Many thanks to Bugger the Panda if this doesn't work.

If it does, it was all my idea obviously.


  1. Looks like you're outvoted Niko...

    Cheers chumrades.

  2. Yep... works for me. I've always wanted to know what made the wee man tick. Now thanks to the amazing find of a certain librarian, we can all be privy to the strange goings on inside his wee head. (It's amazing the things wee tubes leave behing in a library!) I look forward to new revelations ...

    ps: Niko's always outvoted. It's his career.

  3. Dear all

    under coalition rules the smaller less Representative party(me) has the casting vote
    therefore i win of course..........

    Iain Gray would(is) proud of me

  4. Watch it Niko or we'll do your Diary with all your funny tel numbers, like dial-a-Wa*k and Margaret Thatcher Appreciation Dungeon?