Tuesday 24 August 2010

Secret Diary


  1. Deserves to be diffused far and wide.

    Gerritintaerem, Conan

  2. Thanks Bugger.
    Could you remind me of any news stories that he was in? There doesn't seem to be much mention of him anymore...

  3. He is the original Grey Man, blending in with the background of dull, dreich buildings on a equally colourless day.

    He is lying low waiting to find out who will his new boss on the telephone and then will emerge, full of wisdom and pish, to back him.

    I am assuming that D Abbot will not get the nod from the powers that be although, sometimes I wonder if that couldn't be Labour's best chance of re-finding their feet, after a nice cinematic period of internecine warfare, which would help Scottish nationalism no end.