Saturday 15 January 2011

Hootsmon Headlines

Some Classical references in this, I apologise to the reader who won't get them Niko.


  1. Wonderful. The builder started yet?

  2. Tuesday.


    Ye ken whit it's like...

  3. Conan(the wise)

    Whats classical abaht a woman with one tit eh! just so they can fire an arrow waste of a tit if youse ask me...

    And as for Alexander didnt make a good fist of being Scottish Labour leader although did go on to rule the Oikoumene (if you know what that means) do ya' Nah your a Nationalist your world ends at the bottom of your croft.
    whereby you stand wid your big gun saying to ant English passing by

    KEEP OF MY LAND.........KERBOOM!!!!!

  4. And do you know what Conan does with the body's(no!) well he takes them back to his kitchen and cuts the body up and feed it to his dugs(vicious little bastards).

    they can chomp up a 200LB body in four minutes

  5. I've nothing against English ants Niko.
    Oikouemene? Do you mean it in the classical Greek way, or in the New Testament meaning?

    So how long would it take them(ma dugs)for you Niko?

  6. Brill! Who is the mason leader mentioned in the head-line? Will the workers have to wear a uniform with the trouser legs rolled up? Quite alarmed to hear Niko's going to the dogs.