Tuesday 4 January 2011

Secret Diary

This is for Ailuropoda Melanoleuca Peccatum Sodomiticum.

He's from abroad.


  1. Wonderful. Far better than anything I could write. Mind you, I must have a stab at something about this. Not enough's been said.

  2. The usual masterly understatement continues.

  3. PS to my previous comment....

    Listening to Dour Iain always reminds me of Mike Agranoff's My Favorite Diseases, with the exception of the sense of irony, of course.

  4. Hi Rosa.
    The BBC seemed to ignore this totally, even the effen Scotsman covered it...


    Welcome Barbazenzero.

    Still posting on Blether?

  5. I lost my last post.

    Listening and watching Iain Gray gives watching paint dry a leg up in the league of interesting things to do on a wet Sunday on a
    "dry" Wee Free Hebridean Island.

    Then again there are always the sheep, the four legged kind

    I wonder if any of elected luminaries at Holyrood have copies of these printed off and stuck up on the wall above their desks?

    Bendy Wendy for example?

  6. That's just disgusting Bugger.

    Mind you, those lips...

  7. re: Still posting on Blether?

    Only virtually, pending the BBC re-opening political discussion after their winter hibernation and BT being willing (or allowed?) to post on anything relevant and/or topical like, er, slagging off friendly Balkan nations.