Friday 13 April 2012

Economy class Hootsmon


  1. Are they drowning or wanking? Difficult to tell.

  2. Jman

    If they are snp then its definitely Wanking furiously whilst blaming the English for their propensities.

    Anyway the Lard of Holyrood has threatened them..........'saying they will rue the day' the First Fat man of Skintland Alex Salmond has sent one of his MSPs down to England and find the journos of the Economist and then 'BEAT THEIR WIVES' senseless.

    Apparently the snp has MSPs who do that sort of thing they do

  3. Sorry, you're saying Scotland is full of compulsive masturbators?

    Get me on the OUTRAGE BUS! You have just insulted an entire nation and all its communities!

    Rant, rave, foam, spittle etc.

  4. Niko,

    Still holding your own?


    I take it geography is not your best subject? Your last sentence sounds like a confession?

  5. I suggest we actually start giving out awards for this sort of unionist stuff. What about a Jump the Salmon(d) award?

  6. Walker: police rape inquiry

    POLICE are investigating a rape allegation made against MSP Bill Walker, fuelling calls for the disgraced politician to stand down from Holyrood.

    Officers in Fife Constabulary are probing the historic claim, which was made by a woman more than 20 years ago.


    Woof! woof! for me master.


    he he he


    this one would rate an Oscar as a bad apple the guy has rotted the whole barrel...just in time for the local elections as well

  7. Smee, I was merely echoing the old legends found on other fantastical maps...

  8. Any fool could see that, Conan, but it's Smee you're talking about here.