Saturday 7 April 2012

Hootsmon Poll

I thought I'd better do something this long weekend, but where to start? If I can stay out of the pub  maybe there will be a Headlines later. That's a big maybe...


  1. Simply the most unbelievable thing they have come away with yet. Even more unbelievable that Micky Mouse's... sorry... Moore's "consultation", in which he seems to have consulted the Labour party only.

    Funny eh, a Liberal (snigger) Democrat (snigger) SoS, doing what the Tory Prime Minister tells him, and taking 900 identical submissions from the Labour Party.

    Talk about a coalition of horrors...

    Lying bastards.

  2. Keep up.:) Must be at 10x their annual readership by now.

    Yes 123132 (71%)

    No 51460 (29%)

  3. 174,500+ my butt. They must be importing readers from Africa.

    Like I said: Lying bastards.

  4. Conan
    I stayed in pubs to much got completely and totally bluttered! memory loss (Thank god)
    Got Jägerbombed into oblivion...............

    Wifey nag nag nag feelings of guilt remorse I swears never ever to do it again(Again) and as i guzzle me bottle of Becks i wonders on me

    The Demon Drink

    Oh, thou demon Drink, thou fell destroyer;
    Thou curse of society, and its greatest annoyer.
    What hast thou done to society, let me think?
    I answer thou hast caused the most of ills, thou demon Drink.

    Thou causeth the mother to neglect her child,
    Also the father to act as he were wild,
    So that he neglects his loving wife and family dear,
    By spending his earnings foolishly on whisky, rum and beer.

    A New Temperance Poem, in Memory of my Departed Parents
    who were Sober Living & God Fearing People

    Whereas if he couldn’t get Whisky, Rum, or Brandy,
    He wouldn’t do his work so handy;
    Therefore, in that respect let strong drink be abolished in time,
    And that will cause a great decrease in crime.

    Therefore, for this sufficient reason remove it from society,
    For seldom burglary is committed in a state of sobriety;
    And I earnestly entreat ye all to join with heart and hand,
    And to help to chase away the Demon drink from bonnie Scotland.

    I beseech ye all to kneel down and pray,
    And implore God to take it away;
    Then this world would be a heaven, whereas it is a hell,
    And the people would have more peace in it to dwell.

  5. Guess your still down the pub S

    Check in tomorrow, maybe.


  6. Aye, well the prediction was right...

  7. Great stuff as usual. However ...

    Let the circulation war begin: