Sunday 29 April 2012

Not the Hootsmon Headlines

Much has changed in my life since last I posted.

I'm breaking a promise to myself not to blog while pissed; here goes anyway.


  1. Conan

    Yeah apparently Murdoch has relocated to Scotland under the behest of the First Fat Man of Skint land the Lard of Holyrood Alex Salmond

    An inquiry will expose the Cancer at the heart of the snp.


    The posh boys stood on the burning deck
    surrounded by smoke and fire.
    They gave a cough!!
    An Independent Scotland broke off
    and floated down Freedom river

    yeah you wish??

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  3. Great job and not a typo in sight! My first attempt with the typo is not due to breakfast sherry. :)

  4. Oh my head...thanks Rosa, it would have been better if I'd remembered the second 'a' though...

  5. What are you on? Can you buy it in shops? Please say it isn't Buckie!

  6. Leffe, Duval and Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon.

    But not in the same glass.

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  8. *glowers at typo*

    What I meant was: "Not in the same glass."

    I'm relieved to hear it. I'd tweet this but honestly, I don't think I'd have more than 5 followers who would understand a word of it. ;)

    Poor Niko. Would someone please pass him some nerve pills? He needs them.

  9. Have the polls over there closed yet? When will the results come in?