Saturday 31 January 2009

Bloggers Block Broken

I'd forgotten how exhausting looking after a twenty month old toddler is.

Or rather looking at his granny looking after him is...

I didn't have time to play on here much the past couple of days, but now the wee one is back hame, and I eagerly sat behind the keyboard to...sit and stare at it for an age.

Type a few words, then delete them.

Go and take the dogs for a walk, then sit and stare some more.

Then I saw the news about the lost papers of Ernest Hemingway.

Thanks to Senator James McGovern and the Government of Cuba, replica documents of his work and correspondence are available for research, including an alternate ending to "For Whom the Bell Tolls".

Hopefully this is the thin edge of the wedge which will lead to the American easing of sanctions against Cuba.
Is this an Obama dividend? Let's hope so, and wait for others.


  1. Let's hope so Conan. The Cubans deserve to join the rest of the world although many seem happy with their lot. My brother spends a lot of time there these days now he's retired (he lives in Canada) but he thoroughly enjoys the company of Cubans for many reasons, least of all their broad education.

  2. It's too politically sensitive for the US administration to have a rapproachement with Cuba. The large Cuban community in Florida would crucify any politician who supported this. It is more likely that the US will wait for Fidel to die and then spin a deal that everyone can live with.

  3. Fair enough scunnert, but the governor of Florida isn't related to the President anymore...