Sunday 25 January 2009

O, my dear maid, my Stella, when Shall this sick period close, And lead the solitary bard To his belov'd repose?
Robert Burns.


  1. Stella a jolly good start i should say..Glug..Glug..Glug..Burp Ooops pardon me

  2. I love Stella, so refreshing and cleans out the bladder.

  3. Evening Spook.

    Can I pick your brains about this blogging stuff?

    (Never start an online blog after spending the afternoon in the pub).

  4. Hey Conan, I need Spook's help first. I'm going from bad to worse with this blogging business lol.

    Mind you, age before beauty so ...

    Conan, put an RSS feed on will you? Saves cutting and pasteing. Oh and one on the comments too please :)

  5. Alrighty Conan, go into into your Dashboard munue, then select layout, then select a gadget, then choose

    Subscription Links Let your readers easily subscribe to your blog with popular feed readers ..

    Then save...

  6. Conan to be honest, just fiddle about with the blog and honestly within a few weeks you will be posting videos and stuff.

    Explore all the options, im adding and modifying areas of my blog almost every day.

  7. Conan, I've just noticed you posted on my test blog - that's where I was practicing lol. You shouldn't have been able to see that! Thanks anyway.

    The RSS feed is that orange thing. Look at mine right at the bottom, I've two there - the wee fan things.

    Auch Spook can explain it far better than me lol.

  8. Conan,

    Welcome to the 21st century and congratulations on already surpassing AM2's blog for comments.


    Your second paragraph made me laugh out loud for some inexplicable reason - sorry - it's all too technical for me.

  9. Hey Connan - start by adding a lot of gadgets - then take them off one by one - that's what I did. Also - blogger is a bit buggy - so be prepared for some things not to work or go a little strange from time to time.

    Cutting and pasting - which is all I do really - is a pain as well as formatting gets all screwed up and is a bugger to fix. Do use the title bar to link related info as this gives depth and interest to your post. Well I THINK SO ANYWAY.