Thursday 29 January 2009

John Martyn 1948-2009

"May you never lay your head down,without a hand to hold.
May you never make your bed out in the cold."


  1. It was his guitar playing which hypnotised me years ago although his music became rather too 'electronic' for my taste in recent years.

    A true musician.

  2. I choked up a bit on reading this. One of my all time favourites. Still got all his stuff on vinyl. Cheers John and thanks for the tunes.

  3. Hello - doing a tour tonight of Omar's contacts

    Believe it or not Omar is big on John Martyn and has honestly recorded a RaP version of 'Fairy Tale Lullaby' and sounds ace.

    You should hear Omar singing some of John Martyn's lyrics, he is brilliant and has a really good voice.

  4. Is there no end tae the laddies talents?

    At least he canny spell.

    Or boil pasta apparently;-)

    Is there a link to it Bird?


  5. Aye? A talent? Why no post yer stuff tae MegaUpload and let's use it?

  6. Not got a link, nothing to link it to but will try and catch the little one and upload it.

  7. Nice one Conan. James Grant formerly of Love and Money, did 'May You Never' as an homage to John Martyn on Sunday night at the Sunday Herald birthday party. Many of the journos present actually stopped looking over the shoulders of the people they were ignoring and glanced at the sight of a few fans singing along.