Monday 26 January 2009

Skinhead thug

I've been thinking about how we perceive ourselves, and others.

How we make a snap judgement of a person by the way they dress, speak or indeed the way they wear their hair.

Or beards AMW:-)

This picture is of me at your age.Enjoy your slap.


  1. I'm not going to post a picture of me at 21 because I doubt if I have one. My 21st dinner was held in Prestonfield House (when it was classy), as a gift from the best hotel manager in Scotland, but nobody thought to bring a camera.

    Can't remember if I owned a camera at 21 because I'd owned a car from 17 and it gobbled all my cash. Auch I must have done. Possibly it was a Kodak Instamatic.

  2. Regarding instant judgements, I think women have different criteria. We 'look out of the box' more and are possibly more critical.

    People watching is such entertainment, whether it's in the dental surgery or just the queue in Tesco.

    These days my judgement is usually on how a person treats me and little else. Am I reaching the stage in life where power dressing in women doesn't interest me? Gawd, I hope so.

  3. I notice you've cropped out the numbers below your mug shot. Very wise.

  4. subrosa, power dressing...does that mean leather?

    Scunnert, how did-?

    Ah, you've got one too...;-)

  5. Conan,

    Your picture reminds me of a time when I'd just finished a meeting in Wigan and was all dressed up in my suit and tie. I decided to pop into a pub for a pint and found myself in a pub full of male skin-heads who were all dancing to, I think, a Madness record. Me being the eternal wall-flower, the sad thing was that no-one asked me to dance.

  6. Conan

    when i was young in me hippie age my hair was long and flowing reaching halfway down my back.

    One day went into a Barbers asked for no2 crop
    he shaved all my hair off me head onto the floor.

    went out got me Ben Sherman shirt black Harrington jacket pair of levis (28 inch waist even) pair of Dr materns..

    Splash of Brut aftershave.

    And entered a world of total mindless violence,drugs and bad Women...Happy days very Happy days!

  7. Conan, the leather's still in the wardrobe. Maybe one day it'll fit again :)

    Brownlie if it was Wigan, they possibly thought you were a tax inspector or even a trading standards individual.

    Did they have trading standards back in the 40s?

  8. Niko I can't believe you actually used Brut!!! That stuff smelt worse than Babysham it did.

    Did they pay you for your hair? They did me all those years ago.

  9. Yes i did use brut and sometimes me dads old spice..As for payment for my long locks of hair didn't get a old penny but then i never asked for any.

  10. subrosa,

    Naughty, naughty, in return I was going to make a catty remark that I only went in for a "hair of the dog" but I'm too polite. Actually it was in 1997/98. I should imagine that everyone was a skin-head in the forties apart from Nikos who's always been a slap-head. Incidentally they call traffic lights "robots" in Wigan. Plenty of scope for Labour there.

  11. Old Spice.

    I remember aftershave...bloody painful.

    Don't know how Niko stands the pain, him having to shave most of his body parts to pass as human.

    Or at least a Bob Hoskins Lookalike.

  12. Now spook. Your olders and betters look more interesting now i bet? Now that your not viewing them through your "I am the only generation thats hip" specs! Nikos was a drugged up skin,into tight trousers and all things union jack(some folk STILL live in the past....;-)) Brownlie was a STRAIGHT!.....Conan was a......errr...errrr, wit wur u askinhead with kaftan??.....Subrosa was a laydee....I was a sweaty, Hair to bottom, with a healthy respect for northern soul and other genres of music, especially anarcho punk(corrosion of comformity still rool!).

  13. "I'm not going to post a picture of me at 21 because I doubt if I have one. My 21st dinner was held in Prestonfield House (when it was classy), as a gift from the best hotel manager in Scotland, but nobody thought to bring a camera."

    I was going to ask if turner couldnt stop you all moving to paint you :-p