Friday 13 February 2009

Bookpushing time

More than thirty years ago I first came across this novel.
It had a different title then, something like-
"How evil Commie bastards are planning to take over the World"
"The Bear and the Dragon are coming to rape your women."
But that was then.
It's been deconstructed and rewritten and is a really good read.
PS It's by my brother, but it still is a good read.


  1. Conan, you expect me to pay for a book and you don't even give a crit by, at the very least, Val McDermid?

    Even better, how about a story outline? 50 words will suffice :-)

  2. subrosa, ok then, basically it's about a first novel, written during the Cold War years, then put away in a box till the author's retirement.
    He takes it out and critically reviews it, chapter by chapter. The author was a wee bit to the left of Ghengis Khan at the time...

  3. Conan,

    "... at the time ..." and now?

    I'll ask my friendly library for a copy as I'm the original mean and grasping Scotsman! David Balfour's uncle was profigate compared to me.

  4. brownlie, read the book and find out;-)

  5. Now there's an idea brownlie, I shall ask my friendly chief librarian Simon to reserve it for me. Will be done on Monday as I'll need some new reading by then.

    Does he get royalties if I get it from the library Conan? Actually sounds a story that could well be right up my street.

  6. Oh Conan, on my this week's Super Seven thing there's a chap who blogs as 'Dennis' posted a good article regarding e-books. You may like to argue with him :-)

  7. i must read this book. still reading ........ rushdie's the moor's last sigh

  8. The Zionists have the world. Karl Marx lifted his stuff from Adam Weishaput who in turn lifted it from Plato.

    Read Greg Hallett's books... getting nearer but alas there is nothing in print that will reveal the whole story. Who runs the publishing houses, the banks and the 'governments'?