Sunday 8 February 2009

Twenty-five years later.

The clocks struck thirteen.

"The other one got away..."

Said Comrade first class Urak.

"Shite!" Shouted Commissar Grok.

"We need more rats, those bastards up at Room 101 are upping the quotas."

"However, if you are hungry?"

He said, waving a wriggling bag in front of Urak's face.

"Doubleplus good eating."

Newspoke Grok, noticing a camera.


  1. Nice going Conan, love the pic even though im lost on the substance lol.

  2. I've just about got it conan - will read it a couple of times more :)

  3. Sorry, Conan, apart from the picture of Nikos and subrosa, you've lost me there.

  4. The references, thirteen o'clock, room 101's use of rats, big bro is watching you and Newspeak, are all from the novel.

    If you hadn't read it, it would be all doubleplus ungood duckspeak to you.

    Hope I've cleared that up brownlie;-)

  5. Conan,

    Conan, I stopped reading literature when I discovered that Noddy was making disparaging remarks about his friend's appearance so don't confuse me with your grown-up literature written by someone driven mad by loneliness on a Scottish island. Come to think of it that may also be responsible for the inane nonsense I write.

    My next post may well be in Gaelic. Will you be one of the 60,000 people in Scotland who will understand it? At the moment I've only converted Spook who seems to think that there's a "v" in the Gaelic language.

    I see you've attained the ultimate accolade of being cloned on the Scotsman site by someone calling him/her-self Conan the Fibertarian.

    Fortunately as the postings are sadly lacking in intelligence and devoid of humour the fake is easy to spot.

    I wonder why our friend the erudite Col. Blimp never seems to post on blogs?