Thursday 26 February 2009

On the Ahmed bandwagon, but not texting.

If only the author had waited a year or two, he may have got much more information...

The IQRA Trust was set up in 1993 to support the educational and training needs of imams and prisoners. Its aims include raising awareness of issues affecting Muslim prisoners and promoting the importance of education and training in the successful resettlement of Muslim prisoners once they are released.
I am particularly thankful to Lord Ahmed of Rotherham and the Director IQRA Trust Prisoner Welfare, Mr Salah El-Hassan for this opportunity to present my findings at the House of Lords. The event was attended by a large audience, including many prison imams, members of the Prison Service, members of associations, the government and police forces. I hope that my research and findings can contribute to a better understanding of the issues that we are facing within prisons and to help the Prison Service and the Government to change its current security policies.

Author details here.


  1. Oh dear sorry I thought I'd remarked about this. I've actually put it in Subrosa's Super Seven this week because I found it's a subject that many avoid for pc reasons.

    So yer famous for 5 minutes!

    I compiled the list earlier today but won't publish it until after midnight. Difficult choices this week, lots of good posts going round.

  2. conan,

    please stop posting for the intelligentsia like subrosa and get back to the pre-historics that appeal to common folk like Nikos and myself.

    Incidentally, have you read Jean Auel's brilliant Clan of the Cave Bear and the follow-ons?