Wednesday 2 June 2010

Hootsmon Headlines

My first Hootsmon for a while. As I said in the 11th of May er "edition", many political blogs that were started out of sheer frustration, have nothing left to say now and are slowly tailing off.
Yet in Scotland, as always, the struggle goes on. Labour voters came back to the fold in their thousands, thanks to the spectre of the Tory wolf, and the bleating unionist cries of
"We're too wee! We're too poor!"
Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more...

PS forgot to say thanks to Rab for the idea of Alexander as Beaker.


  1. Herro, long time lurker first time poster - love your work...
    ..not wishing to upset my elders but Beaker, a muppet, was first spotted here methinks, petty of me but need get the word out, we're not all running out of steam and speaking of bleating try a Llabourama

  2. Thankyou tdf, and thanks for putting me right about Alexander, er, Beaker. Word is duly out and I'm looking forward to your next edition.
    I like the black and white broadsheet look btw.

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  4. No, your very own Stewart Stevenson MSP is Beaker.

    Photographs prove it.

    Who in history has ever actually said "too poor, too wee"? I have never found any such utterance.

    It's not the same thing as "smaller, poorer, weaker, less safe, less influential" - do you realise that?

  5. Hi Smee.
    A close call, but Stewart isn't a junior partner, like Beaker, er, Alexander...and he's grey, no' ginger.
    You have never found such utterances? Have you never read the comments on the the Telegraph?

    Got it?

  6. Smee,

    Of course, we don't realist that - we are not as intelligent, astute, and intuitive as you think you are.

  7. From the look of that comment we can't type either!

  8. "You have never found such utterances? Have you never read the comments on the the Telegraph?"

    Er no, actually, CTL.

    By "utterances" I meant finding an actual public statement by a known, responsible figure that an "independent" Scotland would be "too poor, too wee" etc.

    (As opposed to smaller, weaker, poorer etc, which is not the same thing and which we all know is true.)

    I wrote you a nice comment on your Dio post, but due to my incompetence it never seems to have got to you. Must try again.