Tuesday 29 June 2010

Hootsmon Headlines


  1. Ha ha... till next Tuesday... LOL

    btw, I read that the pension age will be going up to 66 for men, soon to be followed for women... why can't they do it for them all at the same time?

    I mean I know the Tories are old fashioned, but for heaven's sake, women don't wear crinolines any more.....

  2. Hi tris.Looks like I'll be stacking shelves in AsdCo under the petty tyranny of Rantin Rab till I'm seventy now.
    Unless we get independence of course...

  3. Ha, Ha Ha - loved the oil skit - brilliant!

  4. Pfft... As far as I can tell, the MSM has decided that oil field doesn't exist. And if they SAY it doesn't, why then it doesn't. ;)

  5. In the vague hope that you might prefer facts to paranoia, I would note that this was covered across the media as a relatively low-key business story.

    Why low-key? Because that's all it deserves.

    Have a look at:


    ...and you might get an dea why a 155 Mbbl (recoverable) field is small beer.

    It just moves a small number from one column of the forecast table to another.

  6. Paranoia? Small beer? How did YOU know small beer hates me? Eh?! EH!?

  7. Indeed Jeanne.
    Smee, as with most of your links I fell asleep while trying to read it.
    As for paranoia, how did YOU know Small Beer hates me!? EH!? EH!?

  8. Did I say that already!? Those bastards at blogger are out to get me!

  9. "Why low-key? Because that's all it deserves".

    Spoken like a true unionist. New load of oil found but play it down in case the jocks think they could manage their own afairs. Pass the small beer, I'll manage with that as you champagne charlie's have blew it for the rest of us