Tuesday 22 June 2010

Tam White 12 July 1942 - 21 June 2010

"Any auld hippies in the bar?" Was Tam's usual refrain when we used to walk into where he was playing. "We" being myself, my brother and a Roy Wood lookalike.
Yes, there were auld hippies in the bar Tam.
Peace man.


  1. Tam had the ability to sing through a mouthful of gravel. RIP.

  2. A young man too. I heard of him but never had the privilege of hearing him. RIP right enough.

  3. Another auld hippie heads off to the eternal summer of love. Hear him here Subrosa:

  4. RIP Tam White a great blues singer, and actor.

    He was due to play a concert in Wick this Saturday 26th. The concert is going ahead as a tribute to Tam. Mike Whellans another great blues singer will be taking his place.

  5. Although I was too young to have seen Tam White back in the 60s and early 70s, I've met and talked on the phone with him a number of times since back in the mid-80s when he'd be giving it laldy up on the floor at Pres Hall. But mostly I am just a huge fan of the records he made with The Boston Dexters, especially the 3 on the Contemporary label, before they were whisked off to London to record for Columbia. And the 1966 single made as The Buzz has gotta be one of the wildest discs ever made. I also love his funk-psych solo single 'Future Thoughts' from his Middle Earth period. As we all know Tam had a unique and quite amazing voice. Now if anybody out here knows how to contact Alan Coventry, or Johnny Turnbull from the original Dexters, or the guys in the Buzz, please drop me a line at Lennyhelsing@aol.com Cheers, and RIP Tam thanks to you and the Dexters and Buzz guys for some fantastic R&beat pre-punk sounds - Lenny