Saturday 12 June 2010

Hootsmon Headlines


  1. I'm behind the times (or is that the Times- I can never remember). Is Mr Madd-O leaving or has he been resurrected?

  2. I heard he was going to London.

  3. Alas no. The rabid Mr Madaxeman is leaving because of a misprint in a daily newspaper weel kent to all of us.
    An x was left off the end of a name, and I thought: WTF did I never think of that?

  4. Yes I saw that "article" Conan; lying by deception is what I call it.
    It is no longer bias in the Scotsman, just downright propaganda and psychological ops.

    If you read the Scotsman you must no longer take it to be reportage and spend some time to untangle the lies they tell by deception.


    Of course, no comment was allowed.

    If he ever does actually leave he will find a welcoming and lucrative position in the EBC.

    Maybe that is his strategy and, his unbiased commentary is his entry fee to the sup on the largesse of the EBC's banqueting table?

    Institutionalised and Nationalised LBD aka BBC.

    They even tax us to pay for it. I think the Chinese got their idea for charging the family of those they execute for the bullet from the BBC.

  5. Poor Maddo must be quite popular with the head-line writer who left out the 'x'. His excuse for not having comments on his articles is starting to wear a bit thin. Comments are only banned now on his more outrageous, pro-vocative and pro-Labour articles.