Thursday 26 August 2010

Hootsmon Headlines

Couldn't resist it...


  1. Eh wis hopin ye'd dae sumthin wi' thon. Braw. :)

  2. Conan, you seem to be the only churnalist that gives publicity to this Iain Gray - whoever he may be. I consider that your considerable organ is completely biased against us fantasists, Bravehearts, Mel Gibsons, Brigadooners, wee frees, Buddists, sheep botherers etc etc.

    I,therefore,think that, in reality, you are Lord Foulkes, cunningly and heavily disguised as an intellectual. If so, I doff my cap and touch my forelock, I said forelock, and curtsey in your direction.

    Yes, I've got nothing else to do.

  3. Thanks Rosa.

    Brownlie, I believe he is some sort of Aunt Sally figure for SLAB.

    As for your accusation that I'm Foulkes- I'm doing it deliberately...

  4. Brill - another one for the picture frame.

  5. Conan,

    I've lost your e-mail address due to being a Luddite on this new-fangled technology. If you're still got mine can you e-mail me, please?

  6. Conan,

    Thanks, that's great!!

  7. Interesting picture. Hasn't Fabian Capello aged?