Wednesday 28 March 2012

Titter Ye Not

Francis Maude's latest: stockpile petrol in your house. Unfortunately that's illegal as well as anti-social Francis.

Forgive the lack of a Hootsmon, I've been redeployed at work, and it's very much deep end learning; good fun but tiring. It's half past five as I type and I'm falling asleep...


  1. Conan

    Lazy tosser not used to hard really hard work are yer! lazy fat git its a wonder you manage to take those ugly Dugs out for a walk(or do ya)

    I think asking people to store Petrol in gerry cans in yer Garage(how many have a garage just shows Maudes mentality mind I do have one).
    Although my petrol is stored in me bath she keeps winging but what do wimin know about such things.....

    anyways talking about fire hazards this twat at work today decided to show someone how flammable acetone in water he lights it in large square plastic container.It being like his party trick whereupon he blows on it and it goes out before spreading..
    Unfortunately today it went off like a bomb ten foot flames people running around shop floor smoke billowing like a great big mushroom cloud everything....He was seen blowing for all his worth on the inferno in the vain hope of blowing out the flames(we did laugh about that one puff! puff!)..The fire alarm goes off but being wired into the main factory in Germany the MD gets on phone within minutes WTF is going on 'Vorsprung durch Technik'

    He is currently suspended awaiting investigation and disciplinary the odds on him keeping his job are widening by the hour.

    The age of austerity may be Grimm but there are lighter moments ha ha ha

  2. I think Niko is turning into a parody of himself.

    Don't feed him anything, it only encourages him.

  3. Well, at least storing petrol in your bath will cure your crabs Niko.

    If you bathe that is...

  4. Hi Wolfie. Given up on the "ye ken wha" project, it was just too pixel intensive, by the time it got down to Hootsmon level the graphics were too crap.

  5. Francis Anthony Aylmer Maude is a total tosser. You'd think that someone who was called to the bar...and not the public one...would know better than to tell people to hoard petrol.

    It wouldn't be so bad if that little fluffy didn't occur the day after Evan Davis made toast of him on the Today Programme on the subject of Dinnergate.

    Not Eton and Oxford, but Abingdon School for Boys and Cambridge. But no matter their provenance these Tory idiots just haven't a clue how to run a bath, never mind a country.

  6. Conan

    You gonna let that dog talk to me like that eh!

    Lupus you wanna have a real blog instead of sneaking about on other 'MENS' blogs making snide remarks and then running away and hiding.

    you aint a parody you is a parasite who dont contribute nowt apart from a dob of spite

    1. Not hiding out, Niko. I admit to being very active on the Telegraph and Guardian blogs.

      Easy meat there, like shooting blind fish in barrel.

      Cannae be ersed writing a blog masel, probably end up as meaningless as yours.

  7. Dogboy

    Dis is wot I am gonna do to you


  8. My virus protection software advised me not to go there Niko. Deviant art eh? I shudder to think...

  9. Jeez, Niko's got a bath? - no wonder he supports the Party of the rich. I've got to run round in the rain with a bar of soap and hope I don't drop it.