Monday 26 January 2009

Q. What would you do to this face?

A. Not kiss it.


  1. Uh! this

  2. Ouch! The poor man's ears will be burning :)

  3. Conan, I've been trying to think of an abbreviation for your blog title (my brain takes ages to remember names). The only thing I've come up with so far is Conan's ps blog but I'm sure you can do much better.

    I'm beginning to think mine isn't a blog it's a slog :)

    Oh a wee thing I learned yesterday about designing these things. Go into your page layout bit and you'll see 'navbar' above 'header'. Click on 'edit' in the navbar and you'll get 4 choices of colour for that bitty at the top which you presently have blue. I think black would be most appropriate!

    Will just give it that professional touch :)

  4. Conan is that picture not you with your beard shaved off ? If it is then i would like to slap it..!!!

  5. subrosa, I already think of it as "Fakepig";-)

    Toolbar is now black...

    AMW Jeez no, if I looked like that I'd be a rascist, fascist erse.

  6. We're well ahead on the design now Conan. Has anyone had a look at that Derek Draper setup called Labourlist? You know the one that's had all the publicity? It's been in beta mode for a couple of weeks. Perhaps someone will explain beta to me.

    I think all of us are well ahead in the slogosphere. All we need now is to continue posting unionist drivel.

    To be honest Conan I had to look up what it meant and if Fake Pig's good enough for you then it's good enough for me.

  7. Don't ask me about Beta.I thought it was a Video player.

  8. Beta is Labour speak for ditherer.