Saturday 21 March 2009

Conan P.I.

On the hunt for the mysterious subrosa, Conan made his way Leithwards.

If anyone knew about ladies of the night, it would be his friend Spook.He and his flatmate Bird kept a keen eye on the girls from their loft.

Suddenly gunfire rang out between two cars!

A chill went down Conan's spine...could the dreaded LibDems be making a move into Niko's turf?

Conan notices a reporter starting in recognition of one of the bodies.

Conan realised he wouldn't get the truth out of a Scotsman reporter...

...but other people would...


  1. The Scotsman reporter's name wasn't Alan Cochrane by any chance? You know, the one who writes in the Telegraph and was doing his usual unionist ranting on yesterday's Politics Show saying he wanted the Scottish Parliament disbanded.

  2. Him being a unionist reporter would of told you anything you wanted to hear. And then denied it afterwards..good man!

  3. Subrosa, he's any interchangable minor cog obeying an anti-Nationalist editorial diktakt.

    Hey Niko, I'd really have liked to know more about my "political dissonance". It sounded rather cool...

  4. Excellent work Conan. That Subrosa - obviously a gun moll.

  5. you will Conan you will all in good time..still mastering photoshop otherwise it looks like one of me grand kids let loose with a felt tip pen....

  6. Conan,

    The guy with the bonnet looks like Chic Murray - you're not straying into comedy, are you? Hope the Lib/dem mob don't take him back to their constituency to prepare him for government - that's his job for Labour.


    She more likely to be a gin moll.

  7. Straying...?
    "If something's neither here nor there, where the hell is it?"

  8. Conan,

    I see from her posts in Spooks blog that subrosa knows where all the big nobs hang out. Perhaps you could fit one into your next entry - if you'll pardon the expression.