Monday 9 March 2009

Art is either plagiarism or revolution.

Grok put the last finishing touches to the reindeer's hoof, stood back and viewed his painting with a critical eye.

Urak, who had been intent on painting outlines of his hand got up and stood beside him.

"Wow." He said admiringly. "It's like it's in the cave with us."

"Hmm..." He said, stroking his beard.He looked around carefully."Is it a bit...stuckist?" He whispered.

Grok flinched at the name.Also looking around, he licked his lips and replied. "I don't think so..."

"Remember when they picketed Tate's cave?" Spoke Grok, more confidence in his voice.

"Dressed in that horrible warpaint..." He shuddered. "White faces and reindeer's noses...still gives me nightmares...fucking clowns."

Urak nodded. "I mean what's wrong with a hut you can paddle down a river in? Seems bloody useful to me."

"Or a handy bed in the cave, if you fancy forty winks?"

Grok shrugged."Poor Damien, he was so proud of that big fish."

"And the sheep!" Exclaimed Urak.

"Oh, remember the mammoth? He had to split it down the middle to get it through the door!" He exclaimed."And then he said it was on purpose!"

Wiping tears of laughter from his eyes, Grok said "Are you hungry? I think Damien's doing a barbie with the other bits."


  1. You've got to tell me if the mammoth was a woolly type then I can visualise brownlie wearing a hand knitted jumper :-)

  2. Conan,

    Can you shed some light on the amphibian hut and I don't think Ken will be pleased with Damian doing Barbie. Is he trying to Turner?


    I don't mind the mammoth but I'm not chasing a kangaroo.

  3. Subrosa, if we could magnify his golfing photie, I'm sure we would see some sort of woollieness...

    Why brownlie?
    Do you not like going down...under?

  4. Conan,

    Does Indonesia count as down under as I was kicked out of there as an undesirable. The way things are going in this country the same thing could happen here. I've never been to Oz but I've always wondered why Rolf Harris wanted his kangaroo tied down and why he sang about two little boys.

  5. And and unhealthy interests in didgereedoos.

    Follwing that theme, have you "figured" it out yet?

  6. Conan,

    No, and I've got a touch of a hangover and as English is my second language and I'm really thick I can't work it out!

  7. Conan,

    Yes, nice one - the old eyes are not what they used to be. Must be the only signed cave picture ever.

  8. Brownlie, why the dislike of kangaroos? I'd have thought you'd jump at the chance.

    Please notice how I've refrained from lewd kangaroos jokes.