Tuesday 17 March 2009

Mans best friend.After beer.

Subrosa kindly asked how I am on her blog; thankyou, I'm off for another four weeks.
The Doc said I'm to get out and exercise as much as possible, much to the delight of my dogs.

I'm spending much more time with them, and that's a good job for all of us.
I've had dogs all of my life, but the first twenty seven years of it I didn't like "Wee yappy dugs"; I grew up with a Golden Labrador called Paddy.

I had my shotgun licence at seventeen, and spent many a happy hour in the company of gundogs.

Then along came a Jack Russell puppy ambitiously named "Thunder"...I buried him under a tree in my garden eighteen years later...

That was it. No more dogs ever. It hurts too much.

Then, one summer we were having a barbie. A tiny explosion of hair, pink tongue and frenzied tail wagging, got under the fence heading straight for the smell of charred meat and beer.

Me, in other words.

Some time later, I reluctantly handed her back to a sullen teenaged girl with a face that would soor milk.

Puppies are such fun until you have to look after them...

My wife and daughter made enquiries.We got the puppy.

How I got three others is another story...


  1. Conan your stories are a joy :) I'm sorry was diverted earlier, work interferes at times. Lovely picture, just adorable. I had to put down my 15 year old cairn a few years ago and I'm not having another because as you say it's too much heartbreak. Immediately I laid beige carpets to stop me being tempted, stupid woman.

    Glad to hear you've got a little longer to be absolutely idle although you must get the exercise, it's the only thing that's not taxed these days. Though I do remember the day we had dog licences and the Customs and Excise issued them. That's another story.

  2. Oh forgot to say, I quite like mine but then I'm my own boss;)

  3. Man's best friend after beer? By the looks ae him he's had mair than the wan.

  4. Conan's best friend is his beard

  5. Lol Scunnert, he gets an ashtray (remember them?) full in the summer, when somebody else goes to the bog.

    Spook, can you still count the hairs on yours?

    Your beard that is, not your palm.

  6. Conan:

    Somebodies nicked your dog and stuck the pic into This Anti E.U. video.

  7. I've had dogs all of my life and my first was a Beagle my mother named with a shortened version of mine. She actually stood a chance of calling out the back door and one of us hearing her and coming back. I would follow the dog and he followed me and he was always near me, I mean I was interested in what he was too at times. I didn't get introduced to working dogs till I got my small game license (shotgun) at 13 and again Beagles and my not so good hunter Basset Hound. She died shortly after I got home from the Army and I swear she hung on till I did. Did some Schutzhund training with working dogs later, but that's a different story.

    For the most part, now, they are just a part of everyday life and I can't imagine being as happy without them. A part of you goes with them when they leave. Never seemed exactly fair our life spans aren't more equal.

    I had to give up the beer. Blasphemy I know. But I've still got the dogs and I think they like me better without the beer. At least I can see them. I still trip over them, maybe it wasn't the beer or too many dogs. Naw if you can still count them, you don't have enough. Humm, maybe that's cats and not dogs. No matter, I can still count both kinds in the house, need more.

  8. You have other dogs as well as the huge ba' nudging temple dog?
    Must see photies of them, too ;-).

    I'm afraid my dugs = nae cats.

    Kind of gathered about the beer postpaleo, a shame, quite liked the thought of hoisting one with you beside Sam's FRP.

    Well maybe I'll bring some Romeo y Julietas over one day...

    ...you mean I'll have to smuggle them?

    How on earth will I smuggle cigar shaped...

    Forget it.

  9. I don't do things exactly by the book when it comes to the beer, Conan. I don't mind pushing the date back, whatever the hell it is, on my self imposed exile from the nectar. The weather here is still kind of on the chill side. As our ex's have said, I did it but I didn't inhale and I apologize, the next one said I did, but I don't really remember, and I apologize and now we have one that says he did and he inhaled and I apologize. I see a trend, two actually. Stay tuned in, I'll get the deed done and I won't apologize. :)

    See that's the thing about your Blog. I think there are people here that would love nothing more then to help you get said cylindrical object here and yet in another post it doesn't seem that way at all. I still need a translator.

  10. LoL postpaleo. There are good-natured jibes and others not so good-natured. I think Niko(Mr Dxlexictlk) would like to insert a cigar shaped object into my oriface for his own pleasure, rather than helping the oppressed Habana lovers of America.
    He "feasts with panthers" dontcha know ;-)